Paula L. Mandel

Glass sculpture is my newest medium.

The kiln-cast works are first created in clay or wax.
I then create a plaster/silica mold of this image,
take out the clay or wax and fill the mold with crushed glass.
The glass becomes a solid sculpture in the kiln.
Other works consist of many layers of glass fused together
at a lower temperature, which provides a painterly effect
as the colors react to each other.

Then there are works which use plate glass which is ground, drilled and
sand-blasted, then combined with non-traditional media from nature or
my workshop. Each piece opens itself up to adornments with colored
pencil, paint, metals, etc. as I create 3-D paintings.

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Rocky Road

Size: 21w x 7.5h x 1.5d"
Media: cast glass, granite, prismacolor
Item: #617, Price upon request

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The Next Generation

Size: 7h x 11w x 11d"
Media: kiln-cast glass, ceramic, prismacolor, oil
Item: #618, Price upon request

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Walking A Thin Line

Size: 5h x 10w x 12d"
Media: kiln-cast glass, granite, bone
Item: #619, Price upon request

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Still Point

Size: 14h x 8w x 5.5d"
Media: Kiln-cast glass
Item: #607, Price upon request

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Size: 17.5h x 11.5w"
Media: Fused glass and Prismacolor
Item: #602, SOLD

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